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     By selecting each of the photos, you will be able to follow the Kolb Discharge from it's collection point to its eventual treatment area approximately 500 feet downstream. The final two photos depict Blacklegs Creek in a natural condition just upstream of the discharge, and also its unnatural state where the discharge enters the stream. It is easy to understand why this project is so important to our stream clean-up efforts.

Mine Opening (40206 bytes)

Discharge Pipes (38955 bytes)

Headed for the Stream (32328 bytes)

Full View (32563 bytes)

Mine Opening

Discharge Pipes

Discharge Into
Splash Dam

Overall View of Kolb Discharge

Iron Precipitates (38839 bytes) Spillway (33899 bytes) Future Path to Progress (49351 bytes) Treatment Area (40092 bytes)
Iron Sludge in Splash
Spillway of the
Splash Dam
Future Path of Discharge
to Treatment Area
Discharge Treatment
Polishing Wetland Site (52378 bytes) Topographic Survey (34392 bytes) How It Looks Now (33995 bytes) How It Will Look (40269 bytes)
Lower Treatment Area
For Polishing Wetland
Skelly and Loy, Inc.
Surveys the Site
Stream Downstream of
 the Discharge 
Stream Just Upstream
of the Discharge

More Kolb Photos

Phase I





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