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Kolb Phase I Photos


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The Project Moves On

     After a lot of hard work and battling the elements, the project moved on with Phase I being completed. There were a few problems encountered along the way. The first surprise was that the existing drain pipe coming from the shaft was not actually connected! The original idea of connecting directly to the pipe had to be scraped leaving Grguric Excavation no choice but to dig out the existing pipe and around the shaft. Just when things were coming back together, the existing flow valve was corroded and unusable. This forced the contractor to build a new valve to be used in the project. To make a long story short, A new pipe connected to the shaft and many leaks around the shaft were sealed. Once this work was done, the discharge was directed across the dam where the new flow valve was installed.
     After the work around the shaft was completed, the pipe for taking the discharge down to the treatment area arrived. As it turned out, the truck drive was from Oklahoma and was astonished that he was able to get his truck to the site. Once the pipe was unloaded, it was time to start digging the trench. Within a week, the pipe was laid and buried, and the entire site was heavily seeded and mulched. This completed Phase I of the project. Phase II will include clearing and grubbing of the treatment area, excavation of the ponds, and redirecting the discharge to the treatment area. Stay tuned!

Follow the photos below to see the progress of the project. Simply select each photo for a bigger view! 


1pipepath.jpg (115459 bytes)

2clearout.jpg (76237 bytes)

3manholeout.jpg (116364 bytes)

The path is cleared
to pipe the discharge

Treatment area is

Manhole sits waiting
to be placed

4valveout.jpg (74116 bytes)

5steelpipe.jpg (107667 bytes)

6pipearrives.jpg (99187 bytes)

Art Grguric points to
the discharge valve

Steel pipe for taking
discharge over pond

Pipe arrives from

7unloadpipe.jpg (136061 bytes)

8digshaft.jpg (112718 bytes)

9lookshaft.jpg (109606 bytes)

Unloading the large
load of pipe

Area around shaft
had to be cleared

View down the
dugout shaft pipe

10viewshaft.jpg (121183 bytes)

11phase1.jpg (119062 bytes)

12manholein.jpg (156832 bytes)

View of the modified
shaft and pipe

Overall view of piped
discharge and shaft

Flow control valve is
placed in the manhole

13artinspect.jpg (124501 bytes)

14ironoverdam.jpg (123369 bytes)

15artlikes.jpg (118013 bytes)

Art Grguric inspects
the installed pipe

Large amounts of
iron on the dam

Art Grguric is happy
with the progress


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