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Funds used to develop this site were provided through the PA Growing Greener Program. Please visit the program site.

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    In order to better inform the public of our efforts, we have broken all of our projects into three categories, which are past, current, and future projects.  Follow the previous links for quick facts for each category, then follow the links below for specific details on each project. You can also check out some or our Growing Greener proposals.

Past Projects

     To be perfectly honest, we haven't had many "physical" water treatment projects in the watershed, which is one of the main reasons the Trout Nursery Club expanded into the watershed arena. Thanks to the Growing Greener Program and a lot of help from Skelly and Loy, Inc., we were able to head down the road to restoration over the past couple of years. The project that got it all started back in 1986 was the construction of our trout nursery. We also completed a small project on the Kolb discharge in 1998. Please follow the links below to view the projects in detail.

Trout Nursery Construction               Kolb "Splash Dam"

Current Projects

     Our current projects involve two AMD treatment projects and a small project for promoting our efforts (this site is a product of that grant). After waiting a long time to put actual projects on the ground, we finally gained momentum. We're extremely proud of our current projects and we hope to use them as the building blocks for our future efforts.  Please follow the links below to view the projects in detail.

Kolb Discharge Treatment                       BCWA Promotion    

Big Run #2 (Speranza) Treatment

Future Projects

     Now that we're rolling on our current projects, we have at least one more project that we would like to have funded through the next round of the Growing Greener Program. We applied for an assessment of the Big Run #3 and Big Run #9 discharges because we really don't have a game plan for treatment. These are the two largest remaining discharges to Big Run and possibly the entire Blacklegs watershed. We applied for this project last fall, but unfortunately we were turned down. We view that as a minor setback to our overall efforts. Please follow the link below to learn more.

Big Run #3 and #9 Assessment


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